Julian Edwards – Primary Principal, ICS Zurich

“Sarah Brook was an engaging and inspiring presence when she joined our upper primary students at ICS Zurich.

Sarah’s storytelling about the events that led to the formation of the Sparkle Foundation invited our students to think about issues that were new and challenging, such as poverty and need, in a safe and relatable way.

Sarah is a down to earth speaker whose presentation was highly accessible to our young learners. In addition, Sarah worked with a smaller group of students around the theme of leadership. She presented some thoughts about leadership and supported students to think about how they could develop their ability to support others in an interactive and reflective way. Sarah is a natural communicator who makes a life of contribution common sense. Following her visit we experienced an immediate increase in students asking how they could make a difference and I can’t think of a better recommendation.”

Dr. Neville Prior – Group Chairman, Cornelius Group

“I first heard Sarah speaking to a large audience of children and adults, about her journey from school through to starting the Sparkle Foundation and beyond.

Sarah has a rare ability to connect with all age groups, and has a truly inspirational story to tell. A story about how anyone can succeed with the motivation to do so, and just how much of a difference one person can make.

The audience were intensely engaged and the conversation afterwards reinforced just how taken they were with Sarah and her story. She certainly set me thinking…………

More recently my company has become engaged with Sarah and The Sparkle Foundation. Sarah has visited on more than one occasion and has spoken several audiences of our employees. The story just gets better and better with time, and our staff couldn’t praise Sarah enough. They are all now emotionally attached to Sparkle, thanks to Sarah and her enthusiasm.

Sarah has a great story to tell. It is a story filled with emotion, about breaking down barriers and overcoming hurdles. This is what encouraging motivation is all about.”

Chris Townsend – Headmaster, Felsted School

“Sarah is an inspirational person and an inspirational speaker. 

Her story is personal and deeply moving and shows how one person can take an idea and, through hard work and dedication, make a difference.

Her work in Malawi, with The Sparkle Foundation, has changed the life chances of hundreds of young people, and her story will challenge and inspire all who hear it.”