Sarah, Humanitarian Speaker Consultant

With a deep knowledge and understanding of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO), plus a BSc in Psychology, Sarah founded The Sparkle Foundation in 2015. It is currently registered in the UK, Africa and across the Middle East.

An award-winning TEDx speaker and named as one of the top CEOs in the UK Charity Sector, Sarah has led a unique life. She has suffered a severe brain injury and fully recovered from a coma, and once, she was held at knife point. These challenges have given her an unwavering will to succeed and do good.

Tinder for Purpose!

With a unique talent and capacity to matchmake companies and charities to perfectly sync with one another, ensuring the best and most positive outcomes for their social return on investment, Sarah is known as the Tinder for Purpose!

Her wide range of insights and experience also serve to support companies in achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The fact she is able to listen to others and share her personal stories in such an inspirational way, is what makes us want to work with her further. She isn’t just a speaker, she is a change-maker.

Rebecca Rowley