Lucy Chow – Director of Women’s Angel Investor Network (WAIN) & Founder, The Elements Group

“Sarah has touched so many people with her work at Sparkle Malawi.

In my professional life I have heard from many speakers, but when Sarah takes the stage, I see the engaged expressions of the extremely focused audience.

They are always spellbound and drink up every word, but occasionally I can pick up a reaction or an expression on someone’s face, and I know that she has really reached them. Sarah shares her journey and work in a seamless manner. All we have to do is sit back and relive her adventures, as she recounts the most heart-warming, emotional and tragic stories of her life. She is a story-teller and motivator without peer. It always a difficult task engaging an audience of CEO’s but Sarah didn’t just speak and walk away, she made an impact, and created a change.”