Founder of The Sparkle Foundation.

Sarah Brook Speaker

From inspiring children in the classroom to becoming an award-winning TEDx speaker, Sarah Brook works tirelessly to drive positive change and make a sustainable - and significant - impact on the world. As the founder of The Sparkle Foundation, Sarah’s unwavering will to succeed and do good is infectious.

Sarah Brook Consultant

As an experienced advisor for corporates and their corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategies, Sarah is your go-to person for support. She can implement these strategies, as well as consult on employee engagement activities, how to align companies with their ESG goals, and give focused advice on social impact.


Sarah is an expert in facilitating team-building corporate activities and volunteer programmes. She also works extensively with both companies and employees to meet humanitarian goals, to encourage staff satisfaction and retention, and bridge the gap between the charity and corporate world. Her clients have included PwC, Clifford Chance and the London Stock Exchange, to name a few.

She challenged us, pushed us to do more and gave us a solution so that we could work together to make our organisation a better place for people to work.

Gavin Goodwin
CEo, Clifford Chance Middle east

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